A Success Story - Accelerated Online MBA

by LDE

In a recent US News & World Report article, 26 Jan 2012, titled "Why I Chose Online Education: Meredith Hart" Laura McMullen, the author, details how a 31 year old, working full time was able to complete her MBA online.

The degree was earned at a regionally accredited college (not a diploma mill). The student received an online M.B.A. through self-discipline, persistence, and wise time management.

As I was thinking through the MBA I received at a bricks and mortar college, Millsaps College, and I read the highlighted article, it seems there was no difference in the success formula. Self-discipline, persistently pursue a goal, and study in between all the other obligations in life. Read at lunch, read and study while the family is sleeping, and limit travel to keep weekends free.

My son (19), an engineering student, is now taking classes in three different formats - on campus, online, and via CLEP tests. I have cataloged the time required to do well. On campus for each hour in class he needs to study one hour at home (3 hours per week times 14 weeks = 42 hours). It takes up to 60 hours of study to pass a CLEP. Online classes take about the same time - readings, quizzes, study time, and proctored exams.

So, when I read the US News & World Report story, it struck me as a very realistic account of an ambitious person who was determined to succeed.

If these students can do the work so can you! Pick a format and lift yourself and your future to new heights with knowledge!

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