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2-Yr Online Bachelor Degree

Coaching for an Accelerated Online Degree

Most types of online accelerated degree programs can be achieved by using a coaching service, such as CollegePlus!, to help you get an accelerated online degree.

Coaching programs help you get started and hold you accountable so that you don't quit because you have no direction.

An accelerated college degree is doable. It is a growing movement in the US and worldwide, driven by the high cost of education.

CollegePlus! is one of the best ways to get fast online college degrees.

You can get accelerated degree programs in almost any field in as little as two years by using CollegePlus! This may very well be the quickest online bachelor degree you can get.

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Have you heard about Brad Voeller, the guy who earned his accelerated accredited online bachelor degree in less than six months? He wrote the book, Accelerated Distance Learning, developed the Dynamic Memory class, and started the business, Global Learning Strategies. From this, CollegePlus! was started.

Do you have specific questions about getting your college degrees fast?

You can get an accelerated online degree on your own, but have you thought about these things:

Need coaching for your 2-yr Online Bachelor Degree?
Do you know the answers to these questions?

  • How do you take CLEP/DANTES tests?
  • Where do you find practice materials for each test?
  • Which classes do you take?
  • Which degree is best for you?
  • Which college will accept your credit hours?
  • How many CLEP/DANTES credit hours will your college accept?
  • How will you stay motivated?
  • What order should you take your tests in?
  • Which credits can you transfer?
  • What and how do you study for each test?

Did you know that even with using CollegePlus! programs, your accelerated online degree will cost less than other online degrees? You can spend $60,000 on an accelerated college degree online or you can use CollegePlus! and only spend around $15,000.

Even though CollegePlus! does not grant the degree, they do walk you through the steps in getting an accelerated college degree from an accredited college.

This is a listing of accredited online bachelor degrees that CollegePlus! helps you get:

BSBA Accounting degree
BA Anthropology
BA Biology-with onsite class programs
BA Communications
BSBA Computer Information Systems
BA Computer Science
BA Criminal Justice degree
BA Economics
Civil Engineering-with onsite class programs
Computer Engineering-with onsite class programs
Electrical Engineering-with onsite class programs
Mechanical Engineering degree-with onsite class programs
BA English
BSBA Entrepreneurship
BSBA Finance
BSBA General Management Business degree
BA History
BSBA Human Resources/Organizational Management
BA Humanities
BSBA International Business
BA Journalism
BA Liberal Studies
BSBA Marketing
BA Music
BA Natural Science/Math
BA Political Science
BSBA Pre-Med/English-with onsite class programs
BSBA Pre-Med/General Management-with onsite class programs
BSBS Pre-Med/History-with onsite class programs
BA Psychology degree

To get a degree even faster than the normal online process, check out this service from CollegePlus! for accelerated degree programs. This company can help you achieve goals so that you can get accredited online college degrees faster, on your own time, and for less.

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