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Accelerated online degree programs are becoming the wave of the future in colleges all over the United States. Everyone wants to save money and spend less time getting their degree.

People want to get their fast online college degrees and get them for less so they can get on with the business of making money in their new or upgraded career.

accelerated online degree programs

You may not have known this, but most colleges have several ways of allowing you to get college credit besides just sitting in a classroom.

Many of these ways are printed in their college catalog or listed on their website; however, these colleges may also accept other credit-earning methods. You will not know if they will accept these methods unless you contact them and ask.

There are at least three regionally accredited colleges that accept all or most of these 7 methods for an entire accelerated Bachelor degree online:

  • Thomas Edison State College in New Jersey
  • Charter Oak State College in Connecticut
  • Excelsior College in New York
These colleges offer complete online accelerated college degree programs, so you do not have to live in these states to attend.

If all this sounds too complicated, you can enroll in a college coaching program from CollegePlus. They help you get entire accredited accelerated online degree programs from home. (A few hands-on degrees, obviously, will need some campus classes.)

CollegePlus helps you plan your degree template, shows you how to study properly, schedules your class load, and offers motivation and accountability. They do all this and still save you money over completing a regular college degree from a brick-and-mortar campus. Learn more about how to get your accelerated Bachelor degree online in as little as 2 years with CollegePlus.

You can use any of these 7 methods to accelerate your brick-and-mortar college degree. Most colleges will allow at least 25% of a college degree to be obtained by accelerated methods.

For example - if you are going for your 2-year Associate Degree - then you may be able to apply 15-18 accelerated credit hours towards your degree. If you are working on a 4-year Bachelor Degree you may be able to apply 30 accelerated credit hours towards your degree.

Earn an accelerated bachelor degree online by using these 7 Ways to Accelerate Your Online Degree:

  • 1. CLEP/DANTES or DSST tests - These are tests that you take to earn college credit for a class. You do not have to know anything about the subject. If you get the right practice material and study intensely (2-3 hours daily for about 2-3 weeks, in most cases) you will pass the test quickly and earn from 3-6 credit hours which can be applied towards accelerated online degree programs.
  • 2. Life Experience - Some colleges will accept your life experiences towards accelerated online degree programs. You create and submit a portfolio according to your college's guidelines. If you worked in a field for many years then you may be able to get several hours of college credit for this experience.
  • 3. Challenge Exams - These are similar to final exams and are administered by the college you are enrolled in.
  • 4. and - You can take online classes that will earn you ACE credit. offers math and statistics classes, whereas, offers English, math, science, and business classes. To earn ACE credit for classes taken at, you must first check their website to see if your college is on their 'Partner Colleges' list.
  • 5. Licenses and Certification - If you specialize in a certain field and hold a license or a certification you may be able to use this license or certification to gain several hours towards accelerated degree programs. For example if you have a CPA certification you may be able to apply this for several credit hours in accounting.
  • 6. Training programs from unions, military, companies, and professional associations - If you take a training class that has been approved by the ACE (American Council on Education), you may be able to count this towards your online accelerated college degree program. Be sure and check with your company for any ACE approved classes.
  • 7. Prior credits earned - If you have taken earlier classes you may be able to transfer them to your current degree, thus saving you time and money.

You will need to check your college's catalog or website or call and find out if they will award credit for some or all of these fast online college degree methods. You may be surprised at how much time and money can be saved by applying some or all of these credit-earning ways to your accelerated online degree programs.

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