Accounting Salary Table
Accountant Salary
For Different Jobs in Accounting

The Accounting Salary Table will help you find the accountant salary for different jobs in accounting.

You could become an auditor, tax examiner, sercurities specialist, or financial manager and earn over $100,000 per year, once you get a degree and add job experience to your resume.

Some accountants become general managers at very large fortune 500 companies. The possibilities are really endless if you decide to improve yourself.

Later in your career, you may choose to become a consultant in the specialty area of your choice.

This type of work will involve a lot of travel and appeals to a small set of people. But if you enjoy short work engagements and meeting new people, this could be a good fit.

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  Accounting Specialty     Lowest 10%   Average   Top 10%  
  Financial Managers        
  Jobs in Accounting and Auditor Jobs      
  Budget Analyst salary        
  Financial Analyst jobs        
  Become a Financial Advisor        
  Financial Examiners        
  Loan Counselors        
  Loan Officer jobs        
  Financial Specialists        
  Tax Examiner, Tax Collectors,              
    and Revenue Agent        
  Financial Services Sales Agents,              
    Securities and Commodities        

The Accounting Salary Table:

Think of the left column in the salary table as the beginning salary level, the middle column as an average level with some work experience, and the right most column as a senior level salary target.

These instructions will let you enter your personal situation and let you compare your salary plan to others in your field.

If you know the year that you plan to graduate from college enter that year into the "Graduation Year" field.

Enter the Salary Growth Rate percent into the "Growth Rate %" field, if you know what that is; otherwise leave the "Growth Rate %" field as 2.5%.

Go to the bottom and choose 'Update' to recalculate the fields.

If you want to reset the data in the table, you just choose 'Reset'.

Experiment and enter different Graduation Years to see what your salary could be that year.

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