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An accredited online Bachelor Degree can provide you with two times the income in your bachelor degree jobs of a non-college graduate PLUS it makes it two times less likely that you will be unemployed.

Your specific 4-year degree could be: Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Science (BS), or Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).

It is a fact that the unemployment rate for non-degree holders is two times what it is for those with a degree - education is worth it!

To earn a Bachelor Degree online could be your first step to doubling your income.

Just start one class at a time.

Follow the tips on this site and you can speed up the whole process.

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Just think, this can be your beginning step or your next step up from an Associate Degree. You will make on average about 2 times more income than a person who is only a highschool graduate! To put this in real terms, every year you could pay CASH for a NEW car! Or pay cash for a house in 4 years! It may then be time for you to consult with Dave Ramsey about keeping debt down!

Accredited online Bachelor Degree programs are a great value. You should start as soon as possible. Begin during or just after highschool, find a job that pays for college classes (at night or online), and use a combination of CLEP tests to reduce time and costs, online degree classes, and classroom instruction to finish faster. Take professional certification exams to validate that you have the right skills.

Employers want their employees to get an accredited Bachelor's Degree...

Employers will value and appreciate your personal character because you are motivated to learn, you take initiative, and because you are teachable; it will open opportunities for bachelor degree jobs. As you gain personal confidence, even more options will open up for you to put your new abilities to use.

In a "Real Clear Politics" article, titled "Middle America's Economic Woes," the Author (Rich Lowry) documents that "... The unemployment rate for people with a college degree or higher is 5 percent. If that were the rate for everyone, it would be the 1990s again... For the rest of the population, the job picture is grimmer... For people without a high-school degree, the unemployment rate is more than 15 percent..."

The unemployment rates are part of a growing divergence between the fortunes of the college educated and the rest of the country, including proverbial Middle America. In his new study, "When Marriage Disappears," University of Virginia scholar, Brad Wilcox, details how the college-educated have embraced traditional mores and habits - especially the formation of stable families - while the traditional mores and habits are eroding among everyone else..."

Which accredited online Bachelor Degree programs should you major in?

It depends on you to decide which of the Bachelor Degrees online to get. There are free aptitude testing centers that help you to determine your interests and abilities now (you can retest later, after you have grown). For each major study area listed on this website there are accredited online Bachelor Degree programs in that specific field or a related field of study.

You do not have to commit now, but you should assume that you will be successful and will go on to get a distance learning Bachelor Degree. This will help you see the next step and better define what you have an interest in for the long-term.

As with many online Bachelor's Degrees the specific college selected will determine what classwork can be done online. It is not an all-or-none proposition. Many first-year and second-year level classes can be completed online – either by taking CLEP tests or by attending a virtual class room. Plan ahead and you can get your accredited online Bachelor Degree while you gain experience and earn money to keep your debts lower.

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