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Get your accredited Associate Degrees online to get better associate degree jobs so you can earn more and create a better life for you and your family.

Your specific 2-year degree could be: Associate of Arts (AA), Associate of Science (AS), or Associate in Applied Science (AAS).

The most basic question is, will I be rewarded for my effort? Yes, you will make on average at least 1/3 more in your associate degree job than a person who is only a high school graduate!

To put this in real terms, every two years you could pay CASH for a NEW moderately priced vehicle!!

This accredited online Associate's Degree is definitely worth it, especially if you start from high school and take a job that pays for your college classes at night or online, and you utilize CLEPs (College Level Examination Program) to reduce time and cost.

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Employers will value and appreciate your work because you are taking initiative and because it shows you are teachable; it will open doors for your future success. You will gain personal confidence and discover your untapped abilities.

According to a Wall Street Journal article on Florida's education success (January 3, 2011), "...An educated work force that attracts global investment...Students who learn more typically earn more, spend more, invest more, save more—and pay more in taxes. According to the U.S. Census, a high-school dropout earns around $19,000 a year on average. A high school diploma raises that average to $28,600. An online Associate's degree will nearly double your earning potential, to $51,500." This article shows that the difference in pay between education levels is huge.

Which one of the accredited online Associate Degree programs should you major in?

It depends on you. There are free aptitude testing centers that help you to determine your interests and abilities now (you can retest later after you have grown). For each major study area listed on this website, there exists accredited online Associate Degree programs in that specific field or a related field of study.

You do not have to commit now, but you should assume that you will be successful and go on to get a Bachelors Degree (normally a 4 year degree). This will help you see the next step and better define what you have an interest in for the long-term.

As with many distance learning degrees the specific college selected will determine what classwork can be done online. It is not an all-or-none proposition. Many first year and second year level classes can be completed online – either by taking CLEP tests or by attending a virtual class room. Plan ahead and you can get one of the accredited Associate Degrees online while you gain experience and earn money to keep your debts lower.

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