Is a Bachelor Business Degree Online
Right for You?
Business Degree Salary

Getting your accredited bachelor business degree online can lead to a good business degree salary and to rewarding careers in business from managing a department for a large company to running your own franchise or small company.

Business degrees online can start with associate degrees in business, continue to a bachelor business degree online, and progress to a masters degree in business administration (MBA).

Business degree jobs are fulfilling because every company has a need for managers. This means you can pick an interesting product and work for a company that either sells or makes that item.

For example, if you are interested in golf, you can go to work for a company who makes golf carts, golf clothing, golf balls, golf clubs, or who manages country clubs in exotic locations.

If you like computer technology, you can work for an iPod maker, Adobe Systems, Microsoft, or Dell computer. You can put together your education credentials, contacts, relationships, and sources to get jobs in businesses that you desire.

You can estimate what your future business salary can be by going to the Business Degree Salary Table.

Enter the year you expect to graduate with a bachelor business degree online. The business degree salary growth rate is set to an average level, but you can reset this rate if you wish.

Enter a business salary growth rate (or leave the 2.5% as is). Press "Update" at the bottom of the table and you will see the data change for your personal salary estimate.

The college programs for online business degrees are all similar. This degree can be achieved fully online from a bachelor business degree online up to a business masters degree.

A four year degree from an accredited institution can be achieved in 2 years. A business masters degree online will take another two years. These degrees can be completed online while you work.

To go on to get a business master degree online you will need to take a GMAT test. This can be part of your study plan as you get your first bachelor business degree online.

Online Business Degrees Paths

A typical path for careers in business could start from highschool, with no experience and no debt. Desk sales at retail establishments are good starting positions to pay for your college costs.

You could work in an administrative job at a local school, college, or a government organization to have a better schedule and additional time to study (schools and colleges have lulls in activity when students are testing or are out for the semester).

Bachelor Business Degree Online

Consider that business degrees online will help you even if you are going into a technical field because companies need people with multiple talents.

Get your online business degree program first, and then use it to pay for a technical degree or a specialization of your choice - just get started!

A computer professional with a business degree has a more powerful and valuable knowledge base than a person with only one online degree.

An engineer with business sense can help a company make money and create products to sell. A Lawyer can be a better advisor to clients with a good knowledge of business - because clients just want to make or keep more of their money!

You can make over $250,000 a year by starting your own business!

Why not be a business owner and manage your own schedule and company? You can start by working for someone else, in the industry you are interested in. Do your best for them, but think ahead 5 to 10 years down the road.

For each business situation you observe ask yourself, "If I owned this company what would I do?" Working in the business will let you practice making decisions with other people's money (not your own). You will learn how to succeed, how money is made, how to overcome problems, and what customers want.

Your career search can begin by looking at a business degree program specialty and checking out the estimated income. From the Business Degree Salary Table, you can see that business salary levels are respectable, based on adjusted statistics from the US BLS. If you start your own business, over time you can double or triple the incomes listed above, and possibly make over a million dollars per year!

Accelerated Degree Programs

A bachelor business degree online can be accelerated to get you to your goals faster. The specific online college selected will determine what class work can be done online or by CLEP (College-Level Examination Program®). CLEPs are a way to reduce time and cost, even more than online classes!

Online business education classes are excellent degrees to gain experience from and earn money to keep your debts lower! Get your online BSBA accelerated degree now.