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The Business Degree Salary Table will help you find the salary for different business degree jobs.

Regardless of the specialty you choose, core business knowledge is both a standalone skill and a complementary addition to any profession.

Managers of technical and business departments have to lead and participate in annual capital budgeting and forecasting exercises. This process defines profit levels for business success.

A Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA) sets you apart from your competition.

Many of those who earn the top ten percent in their field have an MBA and manage a complete department.

  Business Salary Search Table  
    Grad. Year   Growth Rate %  
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  Business Specialty   Lowest 10%   Average   Top 10%  
  General Manager and Operations Manager      
  Advertising Manager and Promotions Manager      
  Marketing Manager        
  Sales Manager        
  Public Relations Managers      
  Administrative Services Managers      
  Compensation Manager and Benefits Manager      
  Training Manager and Development Manager      
  Human Resources Managers      
  Industrial Production Managers      
  Purchasing Managers      
  Transportation Managers, Storage Managers,            
    and Distribution Managers      
  Human Resources Specialist, Training,            
    and Labor Relations Specialist      
  Market Research Analyst      
  Business Teachers, postsecondary      
  Economics Teachers, postsecondary      
  First-line Supervisor and first-line Manager      
  First-line Supervisor and first-line Manager of            
    Office/Administrative Support workers      
  First-line Supervisor and first-line Manager of            
    Production/Operating workers      

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If you know the Salary Growth Rate percent, enter that into the Growth Rate % Field; otherwise leave it as 2.5%.

Then choose 'Update' to recalculate the fields. You can test different Graduation Years to find out what your earnings could be that year.

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