Steps for CLEP Testing
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CLEP testing - 13 steps to taking and passing your CLEP test.

These steps have been proven to bring success when followed. You may even want to print out these steps to refer to.

You will save time and money compared to traditional college classes.

Plan to commit to spending a few hours daily to study for the CLEP test you will be taking. In Step 6 you begin studying.

If you find you need additional study material, and you don't know what study materials to get - ask us and we will try to help.

Your CLEP exam questions answered here.

It really is not a hard process to do, if you follow these steps.

  • 1. Choose the test you want to CLEP out of.

    There are at least 34 tests you can choose from in composition and literature, world languages, history and social sciences, science and mathematics, and business.
  • 2. Find CLEP study guides for that CLEP exam.

    Online practice resources can be found at online CLEP practice guides.

    Get the CLEP Official Study Guide at or any bookstore. This book tells you all about taking a CLEP test, all about each CLEP exam, and has a CLEP practice test for each subject.

    You also want to get a REA CLEP practice book for each test you take. (The 5 General Examination tests are all included in one REA book.) These books have a practice guide for the CLEP exam and 2-3 CLEP practice tests. If you get the books that come with CDs then you can take the practice tests on the computer, and the CD will score your test for you. It is highly recommended that you get the REA books with CDs.
  • 3. Choose the college or testing center where you will test.

    You can find out how to find a testing center near you at CLEP testing center.
  • 4. Schedule your CLEP exam.

    Some colleges will only test on certain days so you will want to schedule your CLEP test as soon as possible. Other colleges may allow you to call up the day before and schedule your test. If you are lucky enough to find one that allows this flexibility close by, then you can wait until later to schedule your test.
  • 5. Make payment to college.

    Colleges require a testing fee, usually around $25, even though a few may charge $50. Some colleges want you to pay as soon as you schedule your test. Others will allow you to pay them when you show up to take your test.
  • 6. Study daily.

    You will need to set aside about 2 or 3 hours daily to study. This is so you can focus and pass the CLEP test quickly. Most will be able to be passed in 2 or 3 weeks with this kind of intense study.

    Read only the CLEP Official Study Guide introductory material at this time. After you have studied and know the material then you will take the Official CLEP practice test. Your score will tell you if you are ready to take the actual test.

    Study your REA book and take the practice tests. Also, it is recommended that you enroll in and study InstantCert. If InstantCert doesn’t have the flashcards for your test then you may want to enroll in
  • 7. When you are finished studying, take the Official CLEP practice test.

    If you score at least 60%, you are probably ready to take the actual CLEP test.

    If you haven’t scheduled your test, do so now. If required, pay the college’s testing fee.
  • 8. Continue studying until test date.

    If there are areas you need extra practice in – use these CLEP online practice materials.
  • 9. Prepare for test day with proper rest and food.
  • 10. Go to the testing center and take your credit card, ID, and social security number.

    You may be asked to leave your cell phone with the testing administrator until the test is over.
  • 11. Sign in and you will pay the Collegeboard for the CLEP exam.
  • 12. Take the CLEP test.

    If you don’t know where you want your score sent, just select - Score recipient not listed. Later, you can request a transcript, for a fee, to be sent to the college you choose.

    Even though you can opt to not view your score, it is highly recommended that you do not do this. You may have actually passed! Also, you will have to wait 6 months to retake the test.
  • 13. If you scored 50 or above (in most cases), you passed!

    If you did not pass, take notes of what was on the test. Continue studying and sign up to retake the test in 6 months.

    You can get your transcript later, for a fee, to be sent to the college(s) of your choice.

CLEP testing is easy if you follow these 13 steps. You will save money and time over standard college classes.

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