What is College Accreditation?
Why Regional Accreditation is Important

Do you know what college accreditation is? Did you know that you want your online college to be accredited by a regional accreditation agency?

How does University Accreditation work?

How does that apply to your accredited online degree program?

There are 2 "Recognition" agencies in the United States that oversee all of the accrediting agencies.

Neither provides college accreditation themselves.

They are The Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) and The United States Department of Education (US DOE or USDE).

Both of these "Recognition" organizations provide recognition for the accrediting agencies that they approve and oversee.

The United States Department of Education (US DOE or USDE)

The Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA)

The US DOE/USDE is a public, governmental organization that also provides access to federal funds.

CHEA is a private, non-governmental organization.

There are several types of school accrediting agencies or "Accreditors" that CHEA and US DOE/USDE oversee.

These types of accrediting agencies are ...

Regional-traditional universities

National faith related

National career based

Specialized or programmatic based

University accreditation agencies can be recognized by CHEA, US DOE/USDE, or both.

Directory of CHEA Recognized Organizations

Directory of US DOE/USDE Recognized Organizations

PDF file of Recognized Accrediting Agencies of CHEA and US DOE/USDE

The top level of university accreditation is regional accreditation. Accredited online schools must belong to one of 6 main regional accreditation agencies.

These 6 regional agencies are divided according to United States regions and are recognized by both the US DOE/USDE and CHEA.

Why is Online University Accreditation Important?

It means your online school has met specific criteria to insure a quality education

Transfer credits will most likely be accepted by other accredited online colleges or traditional colleges

Assures employers that you have a quality online accredited degree so that you are a top candidate for your job

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