College Costs Keep Going Up Faster Than Inflation and Healthcare

The cure for high College costs is to show the public that online degree self-study combined with selected campus classes can keep college debt from piling up.

The average student owes about $25,000 at graduation, and that's before they go to work!

This week the WSJ reports that. "...Since 1978 college costs have risen by more than tenfold, about three times the rate of inflation... Four years of college now cost as much as $200,000 at some private institutions, making this perhaps the only industry in America that has recorded negative productivity gains. In 2009 tuitions rose by 6%, four times overall prices. With rising tuition comes rising indebtedness, and for the first time student loan debt of $850 billion now exceeds credit card debt of $830 billion..."

Students owe $850 billion before they start work! Hard to believe!

Have confidence in yourself and get a degree without the debt! Read through
First Online Degree to get tips and the motivation to change your life!

Go to the "Plan" tab on this website to get information on real actionable ideas that work today. These ideas are broken into steps that you can do whether you are enrolled in college or not.

The Plan is a "can't lose" idea generator to refresh yourself. It works if you are stuck in a career rut. The ideas will recharge your life if you are unemployed and need to change careers. The actions can be taken even if you have not started a career - you are in highschool.

The ideas require very little cost and some motivation on your part.

Learn how to get an online degree in less time and for less money!

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