Criminal Justice Salary Table
Criminal Justice Careers

The Criminal Justice Salary Table will help you find the salary for different criminal justice careers.

When considering a criminal justice job, you should think about what interests that you have that will help in a specialty.

For example, if you are an expert outdoorsman, a Fish and Game Wardens career could be a great fit!

Or, if you decide to go into law later but need some time and experience, Bailiff Services may work best for you.

Many policemen build a reputation for being fair and getting things done and later go on to elected offices like Constable, Police chief, Sheriff, or even Mayor.

The specialties in criminal justice are as diverse as the many crimes committed each year. You will be contributing to society, meet many important people, help criminals turn their lives around, and lead an anything but dull life.

  Criminal Justice Salary Search Table  
    Grad. Year   Growth Rate %  
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  Criminal Justice Specialty   Lowest 10%   Average   Top 10%  
  Bailiff services        
  Correctional Officer and Jailer Salaries        
  Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement              
    Teachers, postsecondary        
  Detectives and Criminal Investigators        
  Fire Inspector and Fire Investigator        
  Correctional Supervisor        
  Police Supervisor and              
    Detective Supervisor        
  Fish and Game Wardens        
  Gaming Surveillance Officers and              
    Gaming Investigators        
  Police Officer jobs and Sheriff-Deputy        
  Private Detectives and Investigators        
  Security Guard jobs        
  Transit and Railroad Police jobs        

The Criminal Justice Salary Table:

Your graduation year from college can be entered into the field: Graduation Year.

Based on inflation rates, you can enter the Salary Growth Rate percent into the field: Growth Rate %; or you can leave it as 2.5%.

You can choose the 'Update' button to recalculate the fields. You can test different Graduation Years to see what your salary would be that particular year.

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