Engineering Salary Table
For Different Jobs in Engineering

The Engineering Salary Table will help you find the engineering salaries for different jobs in engineering.

This table does not consider a case where you invent something and bring it to market. That could be off the chart and out in the millions of dollars per year. Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft Corporation, did quite well as a computer engineer!

Because you are unique and have personal interests, you should pick an engineering specialty that fits you best.

Just walk through a store like Walmart or Target or Lowes and think, someone designed all those products. You could be a top product designer or design the machines that make those products!

  Engineering Salary Search Table  
                Grad. Year   Growth Rate %  
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  Engineering Specialty     Lowest 10%   Average   Top 10%  
  Aerospace Engineers        
  Agricultural Engineer        
  Chemical Engineering jobs        
  Biomedical Engineering jobs        
  Civil Engineering Jobs        
  Computer Hardware Engineer Salary        
  Electrical Engineering Jobs        
  Electronic Engineer        
  Environmental Engineering jobs        
  Health and Safety Engineer salary        
  Industrial Engineering jobs        
  Marine Engineer and Naval Architects        
  Materials Engineer salary        
  Mechanical Engineering jobs        
  Mining Engineering jobs and              
    Geological Engineering        
  Nuclear Engineering        
  Petroleum Engineer salary        

The Engineering Salary Table:

This table is a tool for you to use that will give a good estimate of what you can make as a beginning engineer (lowest 10% column), a mid-career engineer (middle column), and also an engineering manager (top 10%).

Enter the year you plan to graduate from college into the Graduation Year Field.

If you know the Salary Growth Rate percent, enter that into the Growth Rate % Field; otherwise leave it as 2.5%.

Then choose 'Update' to recalculate the fields. You can test different Graduation Years to find out what your earnings could be that year.

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