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College Prep Curriculum

If you combine home school high school with a college prep curriculum (a dual track) you can get an online degree while still in high school.

By the time you graduate from high school, you could have Associate’s Degrees online or higher.

Even if you do not plan to get an entire degree from home, you can jump start your degree while at home and be ahead of your peers.

Knowing what to expect will help you to put a plan into place and breeze through your high school at home.

Your Goals:

Decide on your goals. Even if you think college is not in your plans you may want to rethink.

Someday you may need to work at a business that requires a college degree just to be hired. An accredited 4-year college degree really is necessary in today’s world.

Where do you want to go to college? More people are getting online college degrees. You can control your learning environment and avoid the distractions that you will find on a college campus by getting your online degree at home.

You need to get a college handbook. You can either pick up one at your local college or go online to any college’s website and find a college catalog there.

How do I do home school high school for college credit?

Online College Degrees

In your college handbook, study the types of degrees that are offered. If you are not sure exactly what degree you want, it is a good idea to get a general business type degree. A general bachelor business degree online is a good basic degree that gives you a solid educational foundation to build upon.

Know what classes are required for graduation by your state for your home school high school. Typically, 4 years of math, English, history, and science are required. Other classes may include foreign language, physical education, and computer.

Your Homeschool Curriculum

Decide on your degree. To be prepared for college you need to study college-prep high school material. Studying for and taking DANTES or CLEP tests in high school will not only prepare you for college, but you will actually earn college credit hours! You can count these same classes for high school. This is similar to being dual-enrolled.

You may need to take the ACT or SAT test. The ACT/SAT test scores are required for enrollment in most colleges. You will need to find out which test your college requires for admission. Usually high school students begin testing for ACT or SAT in 11th or 12th grades.

Your Transcript

For your home school high school, create a transcript. Use a sample transcript and update with your current information. You can arrange the transcript with each class listed under the year it was taken or with all classes grouped by subject. Include the student’s name, school, address, SSN, and birthday. One thing that colleges are looking for is the graduation date. Also, be sure to list the ACT/SAT score, a grading scale, and each class’ grade and number of credit hours. Start your transcript in ninth grade. Update it yearly. Your final copy will probably have to be notarized.

Steps to Take During High School at Home

So, let’s get started with your home school high school college prep curriculum.

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