How can I request a CLEP transcript?

You will need to request a CLEP transcript to be sent to your specific college if you did not indicate a score recipient institution when you took your CLEP test, or if you need to send your CLEP scores to more than one college.

This is the information you will need ...

  • Name at Testing Time:
    Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial.
    Use the name that you entered when you took your CLEP tests. If you entered different names at different times, you may need to call and make sure that you get the scores for each name you entered.

  • Address, Phone, email, Date of Birth, Social Security number

  • Exam Title(s):
    List each CLEP exam for which you wish to receive a transcript.
    If you call the College Board, they will go over the list with you on the phone.
    If you are mailing or faxing the Transcript Request Form, you may not find "old" CLEP tests listed. Just check "Other" and write the name(s) of the CLEP test(s) beside it.

    Sometimes you may not want certain test scores to show up on your transcript, for example, failing scores. To have only scores sent that are equal and above 50, check the box on the Transcript Request Form, or, if calling, ask that no score be sent that is below 50.

  • College(s) to Receive Score:
    You will enter the College Name, Address, and College Code. Search for your College Code here.

  • Payment:
    Credit Card or Debit Card
    Check or Money Order (Payable to College-Level Examination Program)
Other information you may need that can be found on the CLEP Transcripts page:

  • To get a military transcript - Military Transcript Order Form (.pdf)

  • To mail or fax - Transcript Request Form (.pdf) (address/fax number at bottom)

  • To send check or money order - Transcript Request Form (.pdf)

  • To find out what your score means (.pdf)

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