How Do I Get Started with Accelerated Associate Degree Programs?

To get started with accelerated associate degree programs you must first have a desire and belief in yourself - that is the key to learning!

There are scores of college students who have a desire to learn but do not think that they can complete the classwork.

We are going to show you how to change that way of thinking.

So, how can you improve your chances of success?

  • Decide on a degree program from a local college.

  • See how many CLEP test credits that college will accept (usually 15-18 or one semester worth).

  • Pick the easiest CLEP topic and grow your confidence by studying it and achieving 3 college credit hours. You should study 2-3 hours per day from one of the material sources suggested on this site or others that you have knowledge of.

  • Locate free lectures on the topic either on Youtube or the MIT education site or other open lecture series from well named colleges.

  • Find a friend or an advisor to help you with topics you still find difficult. You can go to the library of a local college and ask if a coaching center exists – take initiative.

  • Understand that higher cost does not always provide better education.

  • Keep building credits while you work.

  • Limit your social time wasting activities and let your friends know you are serious (go out ½ as much). Ask them for their support and understanding.

  • Once you get one class completed go ahead and do another! Then another!


Right now a family member of mine started doing this process with their son when he was in 11th grade. In only one year out of high school, at the age of 19, he will get a technical Associates Degree. He already has a job paying much more than minimum wage, and his boss plans to give him a 20% increase after graduation. This two year degree process will cost only $2725 for tuition and fees. Additionally, there were costs for books. You should know that these numbers are real numbers and are not reduced by the application of scholarships or any other assistance.

Learn how to get an online degree in less time and for less money!

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