InstantCert Academy
CLEP Practice Tests

InstantCert Academy is the first company to offer online preparation for college exams.

They offer DANTES and CLEP practice tests and more. You will go from zero knowledge of a subject to being ready to take your exam in just a matter of days.

Their program is divided into two resource areas – their interactive flashcards and their online forum.

For every test there are fill-in-the-blank questions, or flashcards, which help you learn the test material.

The result is that you learn the information as if you had taken the class in college.

Each test is divided into topics. When you begin your practice session, you will choose a topic. The computer will keep up with your score percentage. When you complete a topic you have the choice to repeat the entire quiz or just the questions you missed.

InstantCert Academy offers interactive flashcards for these college tests:

  • CLEP tests - College Level Examination Program
  • DSST tests - DANTES Standardized Subject Test
  • ECE exams - Excelsior College Exam
  • TECEP - Thomas Edison College Exam Program

A proven study method is to retake the quiz for a particular topic until you score over 70%. It may take 2 or 3 tries or more. Then, you can move on to the next topic. After mastering all topics, you should be ready to take the actual college exam.

Practice tests are currently offered in these subject areas:

  • CLEP
        Composition and Literature
        History and Social Sciences
        Science and Mathematics
        Computer-Information Systems
        Natural Science
        Computing-Management Information Systems
        Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement
        Social Science
  • Excelsior
        Arts and Sciences
  • Thomas Edison

The other half of the resources is InstantCert Academy’s online forum, where you can meet with thousands of others who are also taking one or more of these college tests.

The forum is divided into 3 parts:

  • 1. General Education – About education and testing.
  • 2. Discussion about 3 colleges. You can earn an entire degree through testing from these colleges.
           a. Thomas Edison State College in New Jersey
           b. Excelsior College in New York
           c. Charter Oak State College in Connecticut.
  • 3. College Exam Preparation - limited to people enrolled in InstantCert only.

InstantCert has the resources you need to pass your CLEP, DSST or DANTES, ECE, and TECEP tests. Along with their interactive flashcards and online forums you get a 30-day money-back guarantee. With a 97% pass rate from those who have used InstantCert and a cost less than $1 a day with unlimited access to all practice materials, InstantCert Academy is the one resource you need to speed up your online degree.