Jobs in Accounting
Accounting Salary

Jobs in accounting can lead to a very good accounting salary that can be earned from different types of accounting careers.

There are many accounting job opportunities; for example, a public accounting career can include being an Income Tax Accountant or a Payroll Accountant.

Eventually you may want to become a certified public accountant (CPA) or a certified management accountant (CMA).

Other accounting jobs are financial analyst jobs, becoming a financial advisor, and loan officer jobs.

Read the accounting job descriptions on this page, and find your accounting salary estimate in the Accounting Salary Table.

Public Accounting Career

A public accounting career is a good option if you want to stay open to multiple clients rather than stick with just one company. It allows a wider variety of work, though many accountants specialize in payroll, income tax, or management accounting.

With public accounting jobs, in most cases, you will be paid a fee for services rendered, which essentially means you run your own business. It can be an interesting career choice and one that offers plenty of options, including the choice to apply for jobs in accounting with larger firms.

Income Tax Accountant

Most people have difficulties doing their own taxes, so an income tax accountant can pick up quite a bit of work during the months leading up to and throughout the tax season. Since many of these people do not require year-round tax accounting services, this can be a seasonal thing, though businesses frequently need help with tax preparation and tend to do quarterly tax payments. A good knowledge of tax law is required for this job.

Payroll Accountant

The position of payroll accountant is a very important one, which, like all accounting positions in a public accounting career, requires precision. This may be a job that is done as part of a company outsourcing, or you may be hired by a larger corporation to work in their office.

Essentially, the payroll accountant is responsible for ensuring that everyone is paid their correct wages. This may include bonuses, vacation time, and ensuring that the correct tax forms are filled out.

How to Become a Certified Public Accountant

The biggest step in becoming a certified public accountant or CPA is to pass the CPA exam. The requirements to take the exam will vary according to your state, but in most cases, a specific level of education will be necessary. In many cases, there is also an ethics exam involved.

You will find the necessary classes to become a certified public accountant at most universities, so it should not be difficult to gain the level of education required in order to take the exam. A CPA tends to work a wide range of accounting specialties, including payroll and taxes.

How to Become a
Certified Management Accountant

A CMA, certified management accountant, is usually in a much higher position than a CPA. This position comes with a higher salary, but it also requires more education, usually a bachelor’s degree and at least 2 years of experience in the field of accounting management. There is also an exam, and the accountant will be required to adhere to a code of professional conduct.

Certified management accountants are almost always employed with businesses that can use their management skills to help the businesses grow and thrive. For anyone interested in management positions, this is a good career choice.

Whether you choose management or general accountancy, a career in accounting can be very beneficial. It is fairly easy to fulfill the education requirements for jobs in accounting by getting an online degree, and then taking the appropriate exam.