Online Accounting Degree Programs
-Accounting 101-

Success can be yours with online accounting degree programs and the Accounting Salary Table. The reason people study and prepare for a new skill is to make MONEY.

In some cases non-accountants have increased their income by three times from where they started - that can be you!

Online Accounting Degrees:
What careers are available? What classes does an online accounting major take? Which colleges offer this degree? Find out by choosing the degree programs below.

Accounting Jobs:
All businesses need accountants to "count" their money. Accountants also file taxes, analyze how the money is made (or lost), invest, consult, and borrow from or loan to others. Accountants earn their keep by making sure their customer is making a profit and their funds (assets) are secure. If you have ever wondered how money is made then this profession will let you "follow the money." Some good accounting jobs are listed here.

Online Accounting Salary Table:
This table has a more complete list of jobs that on average pay over $60,000 per year. You can do this. In one case, a US Marine, in only a few short years, went from military combat to a certified public accounting (CPA) designation. Another accountant came from a jazz drumming career! They both had the desire to achieve more and to succeed.