Are Online Accounting Degrees
Right for You?
Make your Highest Accounting Salary

Getting accredited online accounting degrees can lead to making the highest accounting salary from careers in core accountant work to management to financial services sales.

An accounting degree online can be an accounting bachelor degree online or you can even get one of the online business degrees with a minor in accounting.

A distance learning accounting degree can be fun if you are detailed and orderly, because finances are recorded in a very structured way.

The creative side of accounting is to create a way do the job more efficiently, to avoid taxes legally, and to add value to a business.

The college classes for accredited online accounting degree programs are all slightly different, but they have a set of common basic classes that can be taken online.

Traditional degrees take four years to complete, but you can finish your accounting degree online in two years with accelerated degree programs while you work.

The distance learning accounting degree does not require a science-type lab, but you can learn faster and provide your own lab by buying an accounting software package.

Some accounting software packages are "Quickbooks" accounting software, "Peachtree" accounting software, or an equivalent accounting software for small businesses.

Steps: Accounting Degree Online to
Your Dream Accounting Job

A typical career path can start from high school, with no knowledge and no debt. You can then:

  • Take a bookkeeping class.
  • Get an entry-level accounting job, specifically chosen to pay for your college costs.
  • Achieve an accounting bachelor degree online (utilize CLEP tests to reduce time and cost).
  • Go on and get a professional certification such as the CPA (Certified Public Accountant), CMA (Certified Management Accountant), or CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst).

Accredited online accounting degrees can be an excellent first step toward owning a business yourself. Working as an accountant will allow you to see exactly how an industry makes money from the inside and, equally important, how money is lost!

If you want to be a teacher you can go on to get an online master degree in accounting and an accounting doctorate degree. You can become a lawyer and specialize in tax and learn how to set up estates, trusts, and corporations... Accountants make “good” money!

Accounting Salary $$

Your accounting job search can begin by looking at an accounting specialty and viewing the estimated salary. From the Accounting Salary Table you can see that accounting salary levels are very good based on adjusted statistics from the US BLS.

Some companies want managers with accounting skills and will pay them bonuses on top of a base salary or a commission on sales.

Find out the different salaries for these jobs by going to the Accounting Salary Table:

Financial Managers
Auditor jobs
Budget Analyst
Financial Analyst jobs
Become a Financial Advisor
Financial Examiners
Loan counselors
Loan Officer jobs
Financial Specialists
Tax Examiner
Tax Collectors
Revenue Agent
Financial Services Sales Agents
Sales Agents - Securities and Commodities
Other Jobs in Accounting

As with many accredited distance learning degrees the specific online college program selected will determine what classes you take. Plan ahead and gain experience while you are getting accredited online accounting degrees so that you can earn money and keep your debts lower.