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Online engineering degree salaries can be found in the Engineering Salary Table below. Even though the many programs for accredited engineering degrees online vary, for these hands-on distance learning engineering degrees, the good news is you can complete a lot of the classes online.

The number of classes to take for your engineering degrees online versus what needs to be in a traditional classroom varies from college to college. It is not an all-or-none proposition.

Many first year and second year level classes can be completed online – either by CLEP or by attending a virtual class room.

Ultimately accredited online engineering degrees usually require hands-on laboratory work that you cannot do at home.

Plan ahead and you can get engineering degrees online while you gain experience and earn money to keep your debts lower.

Engineers make “good” money! Your engineering job search can begin with the looking at your specialty and viewing the different salaries. The engineering salary levels are "up there" based on adjusted statistics from the US BLS.

You can see what an engineer salary is by going to the Engineering Salary Table and entering the year you expect to graduate and optionally enter a salary growth rate-then press Update at the bottom of the table.

Being an engineer is fun for technically inclined people because they can create “things” that solve problems. They put the ideas that they dream up with their engineering knowledge and get paid to create solutions to problems or open up ways to improve products that businesses sell to make a profit.

You can also become inventors or entrepreneurs and create solutions that they sell to the markets directly in order to keep or make more of your income.

An example of how different types of engineering specialties can be used to make one product is shown below in the airplane cutaway picture.

Online Engineering Degree

Mechanical engineering makes the jet engine efficient and reliable at over 30,000 RPMs.

Aeronautical engineers shape the outside of the plane to reduce drag.

Chemical engineers and Materials engineers select the materials to keep the plane lightweight so it can fly long distances.

Electrical engineers connect the wing controls to the pilot with wires & software.

What if you could make $250,000 per year?

If you have just a little knowledge and a lot of desire you can become successful. An accredited online engineering degree can be a ticket to becoming a technology manager, a program manager, or a general manager. These jobs in engineering, like an online electrical engineering degree job, an online civil engineering degree job, or a Computer Engineering Degree Online job have pay at up to two times the amount noted in the table above.

Some companies pay engineers a base salary plus a “participation” in the sales of the products they design. Engineers can then make unlimited income if the product is popular with the public.

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