Online Masters Degree Programs
Distance Education Graduate Degrees

Earn accredited online Masters Degree programs which can add a bonus of up to $10,000-$15,000 per year to the typical salary earned by one who has an accredited online Bachelor Degree.

Salary difference can be substantial if you compare the Graduate/Master's Degree salary to the Bachelor's Degree salary on the chart below.

It is clearly worth it to get one of the available online graduate degrees that are most beneficial after you have settled into a career path that you enjoy.

A Master's level of education will raise your status to that of an expert.

Masters Degree online programs will allow you to help others, network, do research, lecture at college, and earn more money.

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Common online degrees include Master of Arts (MA), Master of Science (MS), or Master of Business Administration (MBA). Getting a Master Degree in Education online or a Master of Arts degree can give you an automatic salary increase with some employers (ex: public schools)!

Are Accredited Graduate Degrees Online
a Good Value? …YES!

Enrolling in one of the Master’s Degree online programs is definitely a good value. The chart above shows the salary impact is favorable. Beyond money, accredited online Masters Degree programs will shorten the time needed to reach a higher professional level. For any career, you have to keep your skills current so why not plan ahead and get an advanced degree? The degree becomes proof that you are a valued player in your field.

What is a Master’s Degree?
Your MBA Career and MBA Salary

What is a Master’s Degree? It is an accredited degree, typically in the same field as your Bachelor’s Degree. It will take a minimum of about 30 college credit hours to achieve a Master's Degree - only 10 classes beyond a Bachelor's Degree!

A common Master's Degree is the MBA (Masters of Business Administration) because it relates to all fields. Having an MBA career can open up opportunities within your current job. You may be elevated to a managerial position. The MBA salary can be even more for those with job experience.

Professional Certifications

As a holder of a Master's Degree, professional societies will see you as an asset. You could become a speaker, professor, researcher, trainer, manager, and leader in the area you enjoy the most. Getting in online Masters Degree programs will make it easier to get professional certifications that add even more credibility to your resume.

According to a WSJ article, “… the median income for people with professional degrees in such fields as law, medicine or engineering was $100,000 or more...” This is even higher than the average number in the chart on this page. Be positive and say, “If they can do it, I can do it!”

Add a professional edge to your career! As discussed on the accredited online Bachelor Degree page, the unemployment rate for non-degree holders is two times more than what it is for those with a degree. Earn a Master’s Degree online - it gives you an additional edge. Employers are willing to pay (even expect to pay) you a salary bonus for your expertise. A distance education Master’s Degree is a way to give you a 20% salary increase during a time when flat to 4% is normal in the corporate workforce.

The Steps ...

The pattern is clear…start from where you are and consider that at each additional level of education achieved you will get paid about 20% more per year. Make a plan, set a goal, make baby steps count, and achieve your dreams. Progress from high school to Associate Degrees online to an accredited online Bachelor Degree to accredited online Masters Degree programs. One last thing, find a company that will pay you to go to school so that your Master’s Degree online program will be totally free!

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