Public Relations Managers
The Role of a Public Relations Manager

Over the years, public relations managers have become an integral part of nearly every industry.

From entertainment to education and everything in between, PR managers are necessary to help companies, organizations and even individuals present themselves and communicate with the public. In many cases, PR managers, also called communications specialists, are the liaisons between a company and the press.

The best PR managers are very comfortable with people, great communicators, and good writers, as well. They can multitask and are skilled organizers, able to plan and use their time wisely.

Public relations can be a tough career, but the pay makes it worthwhile. This can be a very rewarding path if you enjoy solving problems and talking to people, something that public relations managers do on a regular basis.

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Educational Requirements

To become a PR professional, you will need an accredited Bachelors Degree in one of the following: journalism, advertising, communications or public relations. Classes that will be most useful in a public relations career include sales and marketing, customer service, psychology, administration, and management classes. All of these should be available in your online degree, but in some cases, you can take them once you have graduated, in order to boost your chances for employment.

Who Is Hiring?
The Role of a PR Manager

Public relations firms are probably the best place to start looking for work. They tend to take on accounts from multiple celebrities, corporations and organizations and can be an excellent opportunity to try many areas of PR. Many PR managers start out as writers or marketing professionals and work their way up into a management position in these firms.

Another option is to work directly with a corporation. PR managers are required in government, health care, and in private industry, though there are frequently openings in other areas.

It is also possible to specialize in specific areas such as crisis management, where the PR manager handles problems like a celebrity being arrested on DUI charges, or health care, working mainly with hospitals. There are also specialties within government and product management.

Further Your Public Relations Career

PR managers can accelerate their career by joining the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA). PRSA is the largest society of public relations professionals. Also, they have the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) for students in public relations. To enhance your career PRSA offers networking, professional recognition, periodicals, news, a job center, and accreditation through the Accredited in Public Relations (APR) program.

To earn APR designation you will need to:

  • Get your Bachelor’s Degree in a communications field
  • Have five years of public relations work experience
  • Receive a readiness review
  • Take the computer-based exam

You can also earn the Accredited Business Communicator (ABC) designation through the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC). Public relations managers will need a Bachelor Degree in a related field and five years of work experience.