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The College Teacher Salaries Table will help you find the online teaching degree salary for different postsecondary teacher jobs.

Teaching students after they graduate from high school (postsecondary level) is a worthy goal. This goal is easily achievable once you get a bachelor degree, online or otherwise.

For trade-school teachers a bachelor degree is the minimum level of education required, with a Masters degree or PhD preferred.

For teachers at the community college level a Masters degree is required and a PhD (doctorate) is preferred.

Most four-year and above level colleges require their teachers to have a PhD.

  Teacher Salaries Search Table - College/Postsecondary  
    Grad. Year   Growth Rate %  
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  Teaching Specialty   Lowest 10%   Average   Top 10%  
  Adult literacy, remedial education, and            
    GED teachers and instructors      
  Agricultural sciences teachers      
  Anthropology and archeology teachers      
  Architecture teachers      
  Area, ethnic, and cultural studies teachers      
  Art, drama, and music teachers      
  Atmospheric, earth, marine, and            
    space sciences teachers      
  Biological science teachers      
  Business teachers        
  Chemistry teachers        
  Communications teachers      
  Computer science teachers      
  Criminal justice and law enforcement teachers      
  Economics teachers        
  Education administrators      
  Education teachers        
  Education, training, and library occupations      
  Engineering teachers      
  English language and literature teachers      
  Environmental science teachers      
  Foreign language and literature teachers      
  Forestry and conservation science teachers      
  Geography teachers        
  Graduate teaching assistants      
  Health specialties teachers      
  History teachers        
  Home economics teachers      
  Law teachers        
  Library science teachers      
  Mathematical science teachers      
  Nursing instructors and teachers      
  Philosophy and religion teachers      
  Physics teachers        
  Political science teachers      
  Psychology teachers        
  Recreation and fitness studies teachers      
  Self-enrichment education teachers      
  Social sciences teachers, all other      
  Social work teachers        
  Sociology teachers        
  Vocational education teachers      
  Average Teacher Salary      

Regardless of the level of student you want to teach to, you must begin at the lower level and build up to your ultimate goal. There are also benefits beyond pay in the postsecondary teaching profession.

If you want to get recognition, write books, join in the faculty lifestyle, get a sense of community, or help others and make friends, this may be your niche!

You can get paid for a specialty, as noted in the table to the right, while you meet your other objectives.

The Teacher Salaries Table:

What year will you finish college? Enter that year into the Graduation Year Field.

You can enter a Salary Growth Rate percent into the Growth Rate % Field, if you want; otherwise leave it as 2.5%.

Remember to choose 'Update' to get your updated postsecondary teacher salaries. Try entering different Years of Graduation to see what your college professor salary might be that year.

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