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The K-12 Teacher Salary Table will help you find the online teaching degree salary for different elementary education and higher teacher jobs.

Teaching is a very specialized field that allows you to find your area of specific interest.

First, it is divided by the student's skills (special education or not), then it is divided by the age of the student, and last it may be divided by the teacher's skill set (vocational or core curriculum).

A teacher can specialize in language arts, music, elementary education, industrial arts, or physical education, depending on their personal interests.

Later a teacher can decide to go into school administration and manage budgets, school staff, and other support personnel.

  K-12 Elementary and Higher Teacher Salary Table  
    Grad. Year   Growth Rate %  
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  Teaching Specialty   Lowest 10%   Average   Top 10%  
  Education administrators,            
    elementary and secondary school    
  Elementary school teachers,            
    except special education      
  Kindergarten teachers, except special education      
  Middle school teachers,            
    except special and vocational education      
  Preschool teachers, except special education      
  Secondary school teachers,            
    except special and vocational education      
  Special education teachers, middle school      
  Special education teachers, preschool,            
    kindergarten, and elementary school      
  Special education teachers, secondary school      
  Teacher assistants        
  Vocational education teachers, middle school      
  Vocational education teachers, secondary school      
  Average Teacher Salary      

Teacher assistants are in demand to keep two adults in the classroom at all times so that students are never left unattended, especially in the younger grades. The assistant teacher salary is listed in the table and is an excellent point to begin a teaching career because it requires less education.

The Teacher Salary Table
K-12 / Elementary and Higher:

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Salaries for jobs other than careers in education can be found at College Degree Salary Tables.

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