Where can I find CLEP testing centers and how do I sign up?

CLEP testing centers are located in the U.S. and abroad. Most test centers will charge a fee for using their facility. Community colleges may charge around $25. Private 4-year colleges may charge around $50.

To schedule your test you should call the school and speak to the testing department. They will ask which CLEP test you are taking and tell you their available testing dates and times. Some centers only test at certain times on certain days.

Some colleges have a dedicated testing center. All tests like CLEP, DANTES, and GED tests are given here. The college may swap up the test weeks; one week they may be testing GED, another CLEP. Also, since only a few people test at one time and these available slots fill up fast, it may be hard to get the CLEP test date and time that you need.

Other colleges may use their computer lab for CLEP testing. Because they have a large room filled with computers you should be able to schedule any testing date that you need.

If you need your environment to be extremely quiet then you may need to be prepared to delay your testing date and time so that you can test at a college that has a dedicated testing center.

Once you have the date and time scheduled for your test, some colleges may ask you to pay the college's testing fee right away or they may not require this payment until you arrive for your test.

You will not pay the actual CLEP test fee until you begin taking the test. It has to be paid for with a credit card.

You should contact the testing college at least 2 or 3 weeks before you would like to take a CLEP test.

You can find the nearest CLEP testing colleges by going to the College Board CLEP Test Center page.

You can search by State/City, Miles/Zipcode, College Name, or International CLEP Center.

"Open" centers test everybody. "Limited" centers only test students enrolled in their college. "On-base" centers only test eligible service members and civilians who are authorized to go on a military installation.

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